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Modern Luxe Hair Accessories Designed with Comfort in Mind

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Little Luxuries

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Crowns Fit for a Queen

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Silk Charmeuse Scrunchies

Handmade with 100% silk fabric to prevent hair breakage

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French Floral Bow

Inspired by the Rococo period in the 1730s, this hand sewn bow encapsulates the ornamental and dramatic art created during that time period.

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Inspired by various historical time periods as well as ancient Persian culture, we aim to create subtle statement pieces to dramatic showstoppers that can effortlessly complement any outfit.


We obsess over fit and ensure all of our hair accessories are wear tested and comfortable for you to wear all day and night.


We strive to make sure our business gives back to the communities we serve so each month we will donate 15% of our profits to a deserving organization.

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I'm a head piece enthusiast, but time and time again I found that many of my favorite hair accessories were uncomfortable. I often had to take it off during the day so I wanted to design hair accessories where comfort isn't sacrificed for elegance.

Parmida Schahhosseini