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Want healthier hair? Your fabric may be making your hair worse.

Want healthier hair? Your fabric may be making your hair worse.

Concerned about how much hair you're losing? Or you might be wondering why your hair continues to break or frizz. Truth is, products only go so far, especially when exposure to certain fabrics might be what's causing the problem.   

Those who know me well, know I take great pride in keeping my hair healthy. I'm very conscious about the products I use and what my hair comes into contact with. To this day I refuse to dye my hair with drug store products nor do I use products with sulfate. I also sit on my bed upside down for 2 minutes several times a week to get more blood flow to my head ... because gravity. Note - this is pseudoscience, but I've seen a difference.

Over the years, I have come across many hair care tips that have been helpful, some of which I will write about in the future, but the biggest difference has been fabric exposure. What your hair comes into contact with matters more than we think.

There are many hair accessories made using polyester (pro-tip: if you see something that says satin vs. satin silk or is vague in its description, they're most likely hiding the fact that it's a mostly polyester product). Additionally, if they brand says a product is made of satin they're most likely hiding the fabric they're actually using because satin is a weave, not a fabric. If you didn't know, polyester is basically plastic. It is a non-biodegradable synthetic fabric made from recycled plastic. While we think that might be good for the environment since it's made of recycled materials, polyester is capable of emitting 300 times more greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide and it also has high levels of toxic chemicals. Is that something we really want to put near our hair and skin?

So why use polyester over silk? For one, it's much cheaper. You can buy a yard of polyester fabric for $10-$20 where as silk usually starts at $30 a yard and go upwards of $150 or more. It makes more sense to mass produce polyester satin, especially if you're charing lower prices. This goes for all man-made fabrics such as acrylic, rayon, acetate and nylon. According to ScienceDaily, these fabrics are treated with harmful chemicals during production that can harmful for your skin and hair.  

Polyester and synthetic fabrics also put our bodies at risk. According to an old study, exposure to polyester for long periods of time put our reproductive system and hormones at higher risk given the amount of chemicals in these fabrics. There's also a correlation between skin injuries, blisters, pressure ulcers and the use of synthetic textiles.

This is why we aim to use natural fibers in our products. Rather than using "satin" we use silk satin because apart from alleviating all the issues mentioned above, silk helps maintain the natural oils in your hair and allows for less friction between your hair and other surfaces. While it's the most expensive fabric used in a satin weave, it also has the most benefit. 

Check out some of our silk products below. 

French Floral Bow

Silk Charmeuse Scrunchies 
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