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Inspired by Parmida's Persian heritage and European upbringing, Parmida Nouri uses bold colors, clean lines and elegant design to craft subtle showstopers and statement pieces that can effortlessly elevate any outfit. 

About Us

About Us Parmida Nouri is a modern luxury hair accessories brand designed with comfort in mind. Meticulously handmade, our hair accessories use the highest quality fabrics, trims, crystals and embellishments to ensure our products don't damage your hair. Founded on comfort, we take fit seriously and have tested and prototyped our products to ensure they're comfortable enough to wear all day and night. We use lightweight materials and bases and created custom padding to avoid pinches, pains, headaches and other discomfort. 

Our Mission

We create comfortable, luxurious head pieces for women to effortlessly elevate their look with confidence. We aim to use fashion to inspire a richly diverse community of people to express their creativity and style. We believe in being stewards of our community and thus are committed to donating 10% of our monthly profits to an organization addressing various issues not limited to women's rights, social justice, climate change, poverty, education access and more. We aim to not only spur dialogue, but also drive the change necessary to make a positive impact on the world.